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Measuring current to voltage converter

Product features

  • High precision, wide linear range, good consistency;
  • Small volume, light weight, convenient installation and transportation;
  • Directly welded on PCB;
  • Structure using high temperature resistant materials, to ensure reliable operation at -40 C ~+85 c;
  • Using epoxy resin, guarantees the mechanical strength and electrical strength;
  • Can suppress EMC common mode differential mode surge interference.

Parameter description

  • Rated input current: 0~10A;
  • Rated output voltage: 0~7.07V;
  • Load impedance:≥50kΩ;
  • Ratio error:5%~200% rated input,ratio difference <±0.1%;
  • Phase difference:5%~20% rated input,phase difference<±15′,20%~80% rated input,phase difference<±8′,80%~200% rated input,phase difference<±5′;
  • Linear range:5%~200%(Even more)
  • Short-time thermal current and time:2In/ continuous, 10In/10s, 40In/1s;
  • Power consumption limit:0.5VA;
  • Insulation resistance:100MΩ@500Vdc;
  • Dielectric strength:3000V/min 2mA 50Hz;
  • impulse voltage:5000V(1.2/50μs standard lightning wave);
  • Rated frequency:50Hz。

Structure description

  • Shell material:PBT reinforced flame retardant material;
  • Internal insulation:epoxy resin;
  • Terminal:The input for the high temperature wire, the output for the needle tube, convenient welding;
  • Tube length:5~6mm;
  • Product weight:<60g;
  • Product outline tolerance::±0.3mm。
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