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Current transformer for GIS

Current transformer for GIS

Current transformer for GIS is installed inside of GIS. It provides current signals for secondary measuring instruments.

Reference standard: GB1208-2006 Current Transformer

Voltage class: 110Kv-500Kv

Primary current: 50A-5000A

Secondary current: 1A /5A

Rated short time thermal current: 40KA/3s 50KA/3s 63KA/3s

Profile dimension: As per customer request

Product structure: secondary winding is wounded around the annular core. The instrument transformer and the supporting shielding cylinder can be connected by casting soldering.

Product features:We use high quality raw materials and optimize calculation, thus the product provides higher precision and higher load while meeting all the constraint conditions.

Acceptance inspections:
1、 Visual inspection
2、 Terminal identification test
3、 Insulation resistance measurement
4、 Power frequency voltage withstand test for the secondary winding
5、 Polarity check
6、 Turn-to-turn Overvoltage Test
7、 Determination of accuracy and error
8、 Composite error determination
9、 Transient error determination(Only for transient transformer)

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